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Grant rights to read statistics

By clicking the button below you will be redirected to the page of granting rights for reading statistics from Google Analytics.


  • You must already have a Google Analytics account registered.
  • To benefit from the advantages of Metrica you should give our application the right to read your account statistics.
  • The info for accessing your Google Analytics account (password and user name) will not be sent to us. We will get only an access code provided by Google Analytics.
  • You can stop Metrica monitoring your website at any time by stopping giving us rights to read statistics (from your Google Analytics account).
  • You can choose which specific sites in your Google Analytics account to be monitored by Metrica!
  • Only general stats (impressions, unique visits, bounce, time on site etc) are read and displayed! We will not have access to confidential data (keywords, traffic sources etc.).
  • For details go to About Metrica page.